Main Dishes

Green Goddess Bowl

Tarragon is the secret ingredient to the best Green Goddess dressing, giving it a unique and complex flavor. Here, it’s served with the best of early summer produce.

Fennel Crusted White Fish with Asparagus Tarragon Sauce

A simple, elegant dinner, pairing fresh tarragon with spring asparagus.

Terrific Tarragon

To some, tarragon is an acquired taste, but I assure you, it’s a taste that is very much worth acquiring. Make an effort to get to know this tender herb, and you will be rewarded with its uniqueness and originality. It will absolutely make you a better cook.

Roasted Asparagus and Salmon Frittata

This substantial frittata is packed with layer upon layer of flavor and makes for a splendid brunch or family supper.

Asparagus, Mushroom, and Tarragon Lasagne

The delicate creaminess of dairy showcases that bright, clean, asparagus taste like nothing else, while asparagus’s earthy qualities make mushrooms a perfect pairing.

Tacu Tacu

Tacu Tacu con Picante de Conchas is comprised of two main ingredients: rice and beans (frijoles). Chef Raymond Southern likens it to a good diner-style hash.

Dover Sole with Spring Leeks, New Potatoes, Meyer Lemon & Dill Oil

Here is a simple, healthy, sheet-pan dinner that features the beautiful light-green and white rings of spring leeks and freshly dug-up, thin-skinned new potatoes. Meyer lemon and dill oil work together to add vibrancy to the dish, giving it a lovely brightness.

Ginger Miso Salmon with Spring Peas and Snap Peas

This Japanese-inspired dinner is perfect for busy weeknights when time is short. The salmon can be marinated ahead of time for an even speedier supper, and the peas cook just as fast as the salmon, making them ideal partners.

Roasted Zaatar Chicken with Broccolini and Spring Green Tahini Sauce

Here, the chicken (or tofu) is liberally seasoned with zaatar, then gets roasted alongside broccolini in the oven. But really, if I’m being totally upfront, the star of the dish is the very addicting Spring Green Tahini Sauce. You will love it so much that you will want to marry it.

Entomatadas Con Cangrejo

“Entomatadas” translates to “enchiladas made with tomato sauce” and “cangrejo” translates to “crab.” Recipe courtesy of chef Gabriel Chávez.