Chocolate Truffles

makes 24-30 chocolates | start to finish: 2 1/2 hours

from Edible Seattle May/June 2013

This is a truffle with both intense flavor and intense effects. Use top-quality dark chocolate and don’t over-indulge. Testers report lazy nights in front of the television after a single truffle…


makes about 2 cups butter | start to finish: 4.5 hours

from Edible Seattle May/June 2013

Cannabis-infused oil is the starting point for all THC-laden cookery…

Cannabis Brownies

makes: 20 brownies | start to finish: 45 minutes

from Edible Seattle May/June 2013

The addition of cinnamon, bourbon and espresso powder help elevate the bittersweet notes of the chocolate while adding layers of flavor that help hide the taste of cannabutter…

Spicy Chocolate Kraut Cake

by Jill Lightner
serves 10-12 | start to finish: 70 minutes
from Edible Seattle January/February 2013

Variations on sauerkraut cake appear occasionally around April Fools’ Day, but there’s no reason to reserve it for a prank. It’s best on the second or third day after baking, when the moisture and flavor from the spicy kraut has slowly infused the entire finished cake…

Savory Bleu Cheesecake with Marcona Almond Crust

Recipe courtesy Kyle Mussman, The Marc
From Edible Seattle November/December 2012

Although this cake contains no sugar, it makes a lovely dessert. You could also serve it as a cheese course if you wish…

Fennel Comfits

by Jill Lightner
makes about 1/3 cup | start to finish: 25 minutes
From Edible Seattle September/October 2012…

grain pudding

Golden Grain Pudding with Cinnamon-Poached Tart Cherries

Serves 6
start to finish: 2 hours
frmo Edible Seattle May/June 2012

Bluebird Grain Farms’ split farro is a great substitute for bulgur in savory salads…

Applesauce Pudding

Adapted by Abra Bennett
serves 4-6 | start to finish: 65 minutes
From Edible Seattle March/April 2012

march12_applesauce puddingLee’s original recipe is rather vague, as old recipes tend to be…

Heather Weaver

Fresh Mint Fudge

makes: 30 small squares | start to finish: 1 hour
from Edible Seattle November/December 2011

This ain’t your seaside fudge shop stuff. Packed with sugar, infused with fresh mint leaves and baked in a low oven…

Champagne-Poached Pears with Saffron Syrup


makes: 4 servings | start to finish: 45 minutes
from Edible Seattle September/October 2011
Poaching little Seckel pears with a pinch of saffron imbues them with a great sunny hue—you can often get great local threads grown on the Olympic Peninsula…