Frozen Yogurt

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by Jill Lightner
Makes: About one quart | Prep time: five minutes, plus additional freezing time

by Whitney
by Whitney

Use whole milk yogurt for the creamiest consistency. Low-fat yogurt can be substituted, but the final product will be a little icier and less rich. If you’re using yogurt with added thickeners (such as pectin),
you won’t need to drain the yogurt ahead of time. With thick Greek-style yogurts, you can also skip the draining step.


3 cups drained or pre-thickened plain whole milk yogurt (If you are draining the yogurt yourself, you’ll need to start with about 6 cups)
2 tablespoons light corn syrup, agave syrup or mild-tasting honey
1/4 cup sugar


To drain yogurt, place a fine mesh sieve over a medium mixing bowl. Line sieve with cheesecloth
and fill with yogurt. Let sit at least 12 hours (or up to 24). There’s no need to reserve the
liquid that results.

Combine thickened or drained yogurt with corn syrup and sugar; stir thoroughly until yogurt is
completely smooth and syrup and sugar are fully incorporated. Freeze according to ice cream maker’s instructions.

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