Canning & Pickling

Pickled Sea Beans

Make two pints

start to finish: 1 hour
From Edible Seattle May/June 2010…

Kristian Høgsberg

Mango Habenero Hot sauce and Watermelon Cayenne Hot Sauce

Late summer welcomes one of my most-coveted arrivals to the farmer markets: those hard-to-resist baskets of peppers…

Red Onion Marmalade

Recipe courtesy Brian Scheehser, Trellis restaurant

Makes about 3.5 pints
Start to finish: One hour…

Brandy-Spiked Cherries

Edible Seattle July/August 2010
makes about 5 pints | start to finish: 1.5 hours…

Rebecca Siegel

Apple Cider Jelly

Makes 1 1/2 cups | Time: 3 hours simmering time, plus overnight chilling
from Edible Seattle Fall 2008…

Avjar and Spiced Tomato Jam

September marks the last opportunity to grab crates full of fabulous fruits and vegetables that won’t be around much longer…

Quick Mulled Prune Jam

Serves 6 | Start to finish: 35 minutes
Poor prunes. They have such a bad rap. But simmered with wine, orange, and cinnamon, then pureed into a jam, they take on an entirely different role…

Strawberry Vanilla Preserves and Spicy Pickled Onions

Find all the instructions you need for sterilizing and water baths
over here…

Spiced Apple Chutney/ Honey Pumpkin Butter

I started making this salsa at home when I overplanted tomatillos in the garden one summer and ended up with far too many. It’s an amazing garnish for stewed black beans and can easily be used as a dip for chips…

Apple Chutney/ Pumpkin Butter

In late fall, gardens heave a near audible final breath and give up the last of their fruits. Fields turn fragrant with the pungent smell from fermenting fallen fruit and the last of anything sweet is gathered from bare tree branches or browning vines.