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Return of the Don Cocktail

Recipe by Amanda Neumann Photo …

Bring Us a Shrubbery

Rebecca SerVoss’s creations easily lend themselves to a cocktail. Here are her suggestions for building the perfect concoction.

Strawberry Chamomile Bellini

As your guests arrive, hand them a refreshing champagne cocktail, made with fresh strawberries and a whisper of chamomile, the perfect starter to your spring gathering.

Lavender, Elderflower, and Grapefruit Gin Fizz

When I started mulling over a lavender cocktail, I knew immediately that lavender’s flowery tones would pair well with an elderflower liqueur such as St-Germain and the botanical flavors of gin…

A Jug of Pimm’s

A British summer — from Wimbledon to Ascot to the Queen’s magnificent garden parties — isn’t complete without a refreshing glass or several of citrusy Pimm’s, and, thanks to a long-running ad campaign,…

Kir Normand

While the traditional French kir royale is made by mixing dry sparkling wine with black currant liqueur (cassis), in France you’ll see it replicated with other fruit liqueurs as well, such as blackberry or peach….

Aged Holiday Cocktails: from the Old World and the New

While the origin of eggnog can be debated, there is no denying it has come to symbolize American holiday traditions.


A spin on the classic Bellini, this substitutes the usual peach purée with rhubarb and pink peppercorns. Pink peppercorns are not true peppercorns….

Sweet Barley Tea

[twocolumns]If there’s one thing you can rely on Seattle farmer’s markets to have in March, it’s honey. Buy a jar and try one of these throat-taming teas…


Strawberry Vinegar Fizz

Several summers ago I stayed on my friend Lynda’s farm in the Methow Valley. As expected in eastern Washington, the long summer days saw temperatures climbing and without air conditioning (we were on a farm, after all)…