Two-Step Tomatoes


I’ve never tried to save tomato seed. Most instructions involve mixing the jelly-like seed with water, fermenting the mixture and other more complicated machinations. Langley shared her two-step, easy-peasy process with me and assured me that even though it’s pretty disgusting, it works like a charm.

Step 1: Pick fully ripe fruit and place into plastic containers. Cover the container, label and leave to rot. You definitely want to do this in a garage or shed and under cover to avoid attracting vermin and fruit flies.

Step 2: Spread a double layer of paper toweling on a flat surface. Using a rubber spatula spread the now-liquid tomato in a thin layer over the toweling “like you’re frosting a cake” and let dry completely. The dried tomato goo will cling to the toweling making it easy to simply flick the clean seed into paper storage envelopes. Don’t forget to label.


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